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Find Dog Training Near Me

If you have just adopted a puppy, taken on a rescue dog, or otherwise have a new pet, then one of the first things you should do is start training it. This is particularly important if you have children or other pets because poorly trained dogs can be boisterous and occasionally aggressive, and while their intent is not to hurt someone, it can happen. Training your dog so that it is well socialized and calm around others is a huge step towards making sure that it is safe to be around, and that it is happy in your home as well.

Dog training is not easy. There are lots of books that have been published on the matter, and there are lots of accessories and toys that you can use in the process of training your dog. Sometimes, you will get lucky and adopt a dog that is sociable, obedient, and that picks up commands quickly. If you’ve owned a pet before then you might find that you can bring a young puppy up to speed and get them house trained, easy to walk, and easy to deal with quite quickly. Not all dogs are like that, however, and if you pick up an older dog or one that is more stubborn, then you might need more help. That’s where dog training services come in.

What do Dog Training Services Do?

Dog training services will work with you to train your dog. They will do a combination of hands-on training, and also sessions where you can work with your dog yourself and follow their instructions for obedience training. They may do this at their own facility, visit your home, or come with you when you walk the dog so that they can help you train it as you go. They will help to calm the dog and make sure that it responds to your commands, acclimatize it to things like trips in the car, and train it so that you can let it off the leash in public without it straying too far away.

Dog training can take some time, depending on the age of the dog, and what sort of life it has had before. If you have adopted a dog that is now an adult, and that was abused by a previous owner, then you might find that it is either fearful, or stubborn and hard to train. It is usually possible to train a dog even if it is a lot older, but you will find that it’s not something that you should try to take on yourself – especially if you have kids. You will need to be very patient, and show the dog a combination of love and discipline.

Finding a Dog Training Service

Because training a dog can take so long and relies on consistency and patience, it’s important that you find a dog training service near you. They will be able to offer your dog the regular, patient and consistent service that is required to get it used to work with humans and following instructions.

If your dog is very problematic, then you will want a company that does home visits, so that they can get the basics sorted without you having to try to coax the dog onto a leash or into a vehicle. Our search tool has a large database of dog training services, covering most areas, so is a good starting point for dog owners that are looking for help with obedience training, socializing, and other basic training help and advice.

It is, in general, easier to train younger dogs, so don’t put off getting help with training if you think you need it. The earlier you start, the better. It also helps if everyone who is going to spend a lot of time around the dog gets involved in the training from early on, so that the dog gets a consistent experience and treated the same way by all the people that are an important part of its life. Playing good cop/bad cop with dogs doesn’t work quite as well as it does with humans – it’s better to set rules that are regularly enforced.